Sabtu, Januari 21, 2012

Wet Rice Field an Adventure for Environmental Education

Wet rice field adventure while give environmental education for child, and also enjoying warm water bathing place, it is definitely great. After one week we work hard and plenty routine activity in the office, I decide to brought my daughter get some adventure activity in wet rice field then continued with enjoying warm water in natural bathing place. I also introduce the meaning of Dewi Sri to her.

Dewi Sri is the name of goddless whom belived by Indonesian people especially in Jawa and Bali as prosperities goddless. Cause Dewi Sri is a symbol of rice. Rice are a prime food most of Indonesian people.
Back to my adventure diary ;p

I brought her to the natural bathing place too in Penebel, Tabanan – Bali, which is the name of nice place is Belulang. The source of natural bathing place in Belulang are from Batukaru mountain. Through the way we get there, we were find a beautiful view of wet rice field. Ya! it is wounderful because Tabanan well known as rice barn.

So I used this moment to give an environmental education to my daughter so that she able to knows about rice, which we almost we eat everyday.
Certainly I give some environmental education which is an appropriate lesson to her age (one and half years old). I brought her to walk a long the dike between rice fields till we arrive at bathing place and I let her to touch the rice plant. She was very happy and enjoy her adventure :)

After enjoy the adventure, we arrived to the warm water bathing place and we were continue our adventure with submerged in the warm water, hmmm, so nice, beautiful and enjoying a beautiful atmosphare.

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