Kamis, Februari 02, 2012

Me and My Sister

age range that is too close to the sister doesn't necessarily make me feel jealous. It's sometimes there is jealousy when the little baby was with my mom whether she was take a bath, sleep or when the baby was suckle. Sometimes when jealousy it appears I'm the big sister feel marginalised then start acting up I'm looking for attention whether it be with crying, sulk or make off the mama :) hehehe ...
it's sometimes I managed to regain attention mama but sometimes on the contrary ... mama angry o..ow ... How sad I am
but the reply again compact don't get me wrong ... my little sister and I, are so familiar it makes one happy mam ... so come see our compactness)

1 komentar:

  1. Ya ampun itu yang tidur, udah kayak orang berantem :D